It’s cold

Following the holiday vacation I went back to work for a few days and then we started to have bad weather and what they called a polar vortex. Never heard about this terminology before and I’m have been getting information in Google. Temperatures have been below 24 with the wind blowing feeling like below 40. School has to be canceled and in some areas there is no electric power. I’m being grateful I didn’t lose it for too long.

I still need to take down my Christmas decorations. I just had been lazy staying in my pajamas and having hot chocolate and a bowl of soup. The only work I have done is finishing reading a book Mirror, Mirror by Gregory Maguire also I’m been taking writing classes online and I have been doing some homework.

Now, I’m back to work again ( I work at the school kitchen) and for this week my project will be getting all the Christmas decoration down and get ready my home for Valentines Day. I will be adding some red and white décor.

No matter how cold is outside I’m grateful for having a warm and cozy home. I’m grateful for having a car that works very well in this weather and takes me to my job. I’m grateful for these coming weeks where we will be getting into the 30s.


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