Been lazy…

It’s already February and still cold outside. Lot a snow on the ground. It’s Groundhog Day and the Super bowl.

My plans for today, been lazy, but I have to go out in this cold to return some books so I will have a quick trip to the library and then back home in my comfy chair.

What Phil the groundhog prediction for this year? I was hoping for the arriving of spring, but he saw his shadow so he is forecasting six more weeks of winter. Brrrr…

Super bowl is tonight is a big event for the majority of the people, but for me and my husband it won’t be. We don’t watch football not even the commercials or the half time (I love Bruno Mars) instead we will be watching a movie. My husband will have his beer and I will be enjoying wine and popcorn (lovely combination).

Who will win? Tomorrow at work, I will get all the information, the excitement, which commercial was the best, and how good was the performing.

For now, I wish good luck to both teams and let the best win. To all the fans out there have a great super bowl party. And for me, happy lazy day…

On my daily gratitude: I am grateful for this amazing day beside I will be lazy today, I will be enjoying the day with my husband and my wine.

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