Loving this Quote


I’m taking a break from writing and I went to my Pinterest page and found this amazing quote. For the past few days I have been experiencing this message.

I’m taking an online class “Write Your Story”. My instructor in this class has been encouraging me to start the writing process so for the past few weeks that’s where I have been. I start to write about my teenage years with my best friend. Remembering almost 35 years ago, maybe a little more has been a great challenge. It’s not easy to remember all the details of the lovely and the terrible days, the fashion, and the music, especially growing up in Puerto Rico were the language, the culture, and the music are different.

I’m lucky to be taking this writing class that has been inspiring and helpful. My feedbacks have been good; of course I must take a Refreshener Grammar class since English is my second language. I want to fulfill my dream of writing. I’m proud to say that I have the courage to start to write my memoir and to create new ideas for the future books, including the ones I planned to dedicate to my grandkids.

My blessing for this week:
I’m happy and grateful for having the courage to do what I love, writing.

quote 345


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