Have a blessed Good Friday


Yesterday searching for cartoons for the grandkids I found there is a channel showing religion movies. I can’t believe my eyes there was an old movie “King of Kings” that was one of my favorite when I was growing up, so I keep looking at the schedule and all this old movie like Mary, mother of Jesus, Barabbas, Judas, Jesus, The Ten Commandments they will be showing through Sunday. So I started to watch King of Kings with my grandkids. They want me to tell them the difference between today Good Friday and the one I was a kid. They can’t believe the mall was closed, that no one works on that day (not even cleaning the house); the entire TV channel was packed with religion movies. One of my grandkids asks me what the kids do for fun and I smiled, for me growing up in Puerto Rico the kids can still play outside but with no fighting, or pushing. We have to respect the Good Friday also we will watch some of the movies too. There were no Easter bunny, candies, or eggs; it wasn’t in our culture. When Easter Sunday arrived, we will go to church and celebrate the rise of Jesus and then we will have a nice dinner with family.

Sadly, with all the tragedies all over the world these days, the day that Jesus gave his life for us has been forgotten. The mall is packed with people shopping for Easter Sunday buying all kinds of candies, eggs, and bunnies.

I can’t judge anyone for going to the mall. I already bought the candies and the eggs for my grandkids too. But watching those movies last night and talking to my grandkids it makes me realized how much we all have changed.



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