Happy Mother’s Day!

To my daughter have a wonderful day with the girls, you deserve it.

To my sister and my two sisters in law enjoy the day with your kids.

To all my friends have an amazing day with family.

To my mom and my grandmother in heaven, I miss you and both are in my heart. When it comes to days like this one, I remember you and I wish you can be here with me. Mom thank you for giving me life and for raising me the way you did. You leave us too soon and you didn’t have the chance to meet all the grandkids (13) and great-grandkids (7 plus 2 coming soon). They are all wonderful, caring, and loving peoples same as you. Thank you, Mom and keep watching us from heaven.

And to me just watching my family being happy is already a blessing. So I will be enjoying a peaceful day.

To all of you, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!

pink 4


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