hello, june

This is my favorite month. Half of the year is already gone and time is flying quickly. In a few days it will be my birthday and school will be over so is vacation time. Time to relax, to do some gardening, my lilies are blooming, planting a few roses, and having for the first time a vegetable garden. The winter has been too long here in North Dakota that I want to enjoy every moment. I can’t waste any time, so the TV will be limited. Our camper is already at the lake and I will be camping every other weekend. My family is planning a trip to Medora, ND and Montana. My grandkids are excited.

Checking at my resolution goals that I made at the beginning of the year I have accomplished half of them so I’m very pleased. I will be reading a few extra books this summer. If anyone has a suggestion on a good book just leave a comment. Therefore, the visited to the library will be more often. I will be writing daily, I have to keep the writing going if I want to accomplish finishing my book and take a short class on how to publish it. I will like to update my blog and I will be posting more often.

I have been blessed. I’m grateful for all the wonderful things I’m been receiving daily.

To all of you, Thank you for taking the time to visit and read my posts. Thank you for your kindness. Enjoy the beginning of the summer and all the fun things that comes with.

Hello June, Welcome to the summer, and enjoy the sun. I love it already.



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