Happy Birthday to me….

happy birthday to me christian card postcard my birthday

Happy birthday, to me. Today I’m 54 and happily for another year full of blessings. Maybe I’m feeling a little bit old, but I can say that hearing my granddaughters in the morning with a simple “happy birthday grandma” and “I love you” is the best gift I can get. My husband got me my two favorite books of all time “Maria” by Jorge Isaac and”La Casa de Bernarda Alba” by Federico Garcia Lorca. I’m thrilled.

My oldest son who is 29 shows up with my favorite wine. Then, my daughter who is 27 brings a basket full of makeup and my youngest who is 22 with a beautiful plant. They have been spoiling me like crazy. What more I can ask. My husband has planned to cook my favorite meal. My grandkids already have the music on. I think their dancing the Gangnam style. I can’t forget the chocolate cake, blowing my candles, and making my wish.

Thank you to my family and friends who are always there for me. This day has started with happiness and blessings. I love you.

happy birthday to me<

I’m grateful for another year.
June 7

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