Life is not fair…

Life is not fair…Really? Or we just like to make excuses for everything.

I went to the lake this past weekend with the grandkids. We are camping for the past few years at this campsite and have been a relaxing and enjoyable place. The park holds approximately 100 campers and like every place they have rules made by the park board. Since last year, the campers can’t bring their ATV’s, Motorcycles, and Go-Kart’s and the reason was, a few parents weren’t careful and some kids were injured. That’s why the rules at the campsite have been changed, and for those reasons a few people didn’t come back. Still, it is a nice place to enjoy, relax, and have fun.

The campsite was full as usual and the weather was enjoyable. We went to our morning walk and we saw a few campers running ATV’s and motorcycles in the campsite including in the park area where the children was playing. We can’t believe how several people wasn’t following the rules also in the area of the lake no one can enjoy sitting close to the beach since people will park their trucks so close to the water area and leave it there until they come back from fishing. My husband went to the park office and informs the incident. The person who was working at the office just said that he wasn’t going to do anything, it was just a few people and no one will notice. Really, that is a nice excuse for not doing his job. My husband just said to him the rules have to apply to everyone in the camp and it wasn’t fair for the ones who follow them. The guy just gives him a look and said “Life is not fair “. What! Are you kidding? Are you so lazy to do your job or afraid of the reaction of the campers?

How more excuses we create for break just a simple rule? How we are going to teach our future generation if we all have this kind of attitude? Some people think that rules don’t apply to them and they can be broken and others like this worker will like to ignore when the other breaks the rules. I don’t understand why some people act this way also they are the first one to complain when something goes wrong. After my husband came out of the office more campers start to complain and they already mention if he doesn’t say anything and fix the situation they will bring their ATV’s for the fourth of July weekend. That’s a busy, busy weekend.
I still have an amazing weekend and I didn’t let this minor incident ruin it all. I finish reading another book” It Takes a Witch” by Heather Blake. I loved it. My grandkids and my husband went swimming and fishing and they caught some fish for dinner. At night, we have a fire, makes s’mores, tell spooky stories, and watch the stars. It was quiet and fun with no internet and phone.

So, maybe “Life is not fair” for the ones who follows the rules, however I think that” life is fair” it’s just the people who’s not. After all, it was a fun weekend and I can’t wait for the fourth of July.
life isn't


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