My garden

my garden 2014
I have been working outside in my garden also been waiting patiently for the flowers to bloom. Finally, they start to bloom and I’m lucky since I can enjoy it the beauty of the garden. One of my dreams is to have a huge garden with different kinds of flowers, shrubs, and small trees. However, with the summer being so short here in North Dakota this is all I can have for now. Maybe, one day I will move south or move back home in Puerto Rico, where I can have a garden full of roses, orchids, and amaryllis.

I have been getting complements from my neighbors. It just needs a few touches like some chairs, lights, and turn on the fountain. I took a few pictures, and I hoping this project will finish in a few days. I know is the middle of July and for some people I’m a little too late, but is not until now, that I can say the weather has been nice. I still have another month to enjoy it, before school starts on August 27th when I would be back to work.

For now, I’m grateful for having the chance to enjoy my garden. It’s time for a little reading in my new special place.
To everyone enjoy the week.



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