Feeling Better…

The last time I wrote in my blog I was feeling depressed. I went to my doctor’s and she immediately gives me a prescription for my depression. I was afraid of the type of medication I will take, however I didn’t have any choice. I have a condition that makes me feel moody, sad, crying all day, and lonely. My mind wasn’t in the right place and with my doctor advice I begin to take it.

It has been about two weeks and I’m already feeling better. I have been more relaxed, my head doesn’t feel heavier, and my mood has been calm. I don’t know exactly when the depression begun. The last time I suffer with depression as terribly as now I almost took my life and that was twenty years ago.

I have been blessed with amazing things. I pray daily, and I have been grateful for everything that I received. I do have a wonderful family. My husband makes sure that I know he loves me. I realized he’s worried. I know in my heart that I will move on and everything will be all right.

Meanwhile, I will continue taking my medication. I want to keep on feeling better. I already went back to writing. I did finish another online class and went back to write my posts.

I’m realizing that I’m trying to do my best. I’m trying to fulfill my dreams. Not every day will be perfect and I have to let go of all the awful feelings.

What else I can do?



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