Positive Life

“You can’t live a positive life with a negative mind”

True. When I read this quote it gives me a reason to make an effort to change my negative feelings. The past couple of days everybody has been talking about Mr. Robin Williams has depression and how he took his own life. When I heard the news I was shocked and started to cry. I felt this awful pain of losing a great and one of my favorite’s actors. I have been thinking the pain his family and friends are feeling and it makes me realize I don’t want my family to experience the same.

This is one of the reasons I have decided to take control of my life. I know it will not be easy; however, with the medication and the help of my family I can do this. I have to be strong for them.

What I’m doing right now beside the medication? I have been starting the day with a prayer and then I count at least five of my daily blessings, it helps. I have been keeping my mind busy with listening to music when I can, reading a book, writing in my journal about my feelings (I do this daily and helps), and watching a good show on TV.

The medication that I’m taking is making my life a little easier and as results my attitude has been improved, the tears are almost gone, and I’m sleeping again.

I can appreciate all the blessings and I’m starting to feel them, too.

Thank you for giving me another day and for the strength to keep moving on. Thank you for keeping me smiling, maintaining a healthy mind, and loving my family especially my grandkids.

Mr. Robin Williams rest in peace and thank you for making me laugh. You will be missed. I will miss your work and your smile. To your family I wish them, peace.






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