empty nest

This weekend we have been busy moving my youngest son back to college this will be his last year. I always get sad when he leaves. He’s my youngest of three and the house will be quiet. For the past two months I have been enjoying his charm and I love to cook for him because he loves everything that I make.

His small apartment is located on campus and this year he decides not to have a roommate. He wants to leave the second bedroom for us to visit. I did my magic and made his apartment comfy. A few rugs, a small table with a lamp, curtains, accessories for his bathroom, pictures frames, new sheets for his room, and a fully refrigerated now his apartment looks perfect.

My husband is making breakfast and we will be leaving soon. We have a long drive. My heart is pounding and I know I should be used to this feeling. This is my son third year and it will be his last. He’s graduating in 2015. Still, as a mom I will miss him and I can’t wait for him to visit again.

My tears have started already. I will miss his charm, his smile, and his joke. He was my companion during the summer and the kids will miss him too. He is the fun uncle.

To my Jonathan I love you and I’m proud of you. See you soon and keep the good work. I can’t wait for your graduation.

With tears in my eyes, I will be heading to my home and what some people call an empty nest.

empty nest



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