Grateful again…

My summer vacation is over and I went back to work. Checking what I have accomplished in my two months of vacation all I can say I’m stunned. I did have a list and I’m done with the goals that I made on the first week of June. It’s awesome that I accomplished them. It’s true that at the end of August I have felt with depression and almost ruin my projects; however taking the medication I have taken control of my life again.

Today back from another weekend at the lake I started to think what else I can do? Can I accomplish my other goals? The goals I made in the beginning of the year?

What is my new goal? Finish the book that I started a year ago? The one I’m afraid of? Yes, afraid that maybe it’s not good enough or maybe loses the last 15 pounds?

At the moment I’m focused and ready to finish what I started. I’m excited and feeling grateful again. I have the power to be or do anything I want.





2 thoughts on “Grateful again…

  1. Keep working on your book…it is good enough! I wrote a whole book, decided it wasn’t good enough and threw every disc, paper, etc with anything related to it away! What a mistake. It must have been good enough for at least myself, because I miss the characters. I wonder what they are doing now. 🙂 I might write that book again. Your book will be good enough when the thought of never seeing the characters again causes you real grief. Thanks for visiting my blog.


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