Daily Prompt: Reverse Shot

What’s your earliest memory involving another person? Recreate the scene — from the other person’s perspective.

It was 1965, I was in kindergarten and I remember my teacher Mrs. Snow. It was my first day in school. I was afraid, crying, and missing my mom.  Mrs. Snow was nice, gentle and caring. I wasn’t the only one feeling terrified. She turns the classroom in a fun place to be.

After reciting the pledge of the allegiance, she teaches us the first song, the b c. For a period of time I was all right, however, thinking of my mom will cause me cry all over again.

It was lunchtime and the teacher was given us instructions. I was in line when from the other side of the room, I notice my brother Papo who is a year younger than me in his pre-k classroom. Without anyone noticing I went to his classroom. I ask him if he was hungry and he says, yes.

We both didn’t like the menu and I told my brother let’s go home and eat lunch with our mom. He grabs my hand and we went outside the school without anyone seen us. We begin to walk home.  We use to live close from the school and we don’t need to cross any street.

My mom and my grandma live in the same building. Our grandma was cleaning the windows when she sees us coming. We are waving and glad to be home, except for my surprise, she wasn’t too happy.

I got in trouble with my parents and my grandma. They explain how the danger was for two kids to walk on the streets by ourselves. At that age, I didn’t understand the extended fight between different races and gangs.

We both want to have lunch with our mom, in our home. We didn’t want to be back to school.

I learned a good lesson on that day, not to leave school without permission. Guess what, I went back to school.



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