Day 2- Sunday Family

dinner table

Day 2: Sunday Family

The weekend went fast I’m already tired of been cleaning the house and doing laundry. My youngest son went back to College. He was here for the past four days and he left early. He is at 5 ½ hours from home and he has homework to do. Now, I will not see him until Thanksgiving.

My two older children they live here in town and I don’t see them frequently either. They have their jobs, their home, and kids to take care of.

I will love to have a Sunday Family where every week we will cook, sit at the table and discuss work.  Also, spending some time together with them, but every time I suggested the idea they tell me is impossible. They always have something to do.

I just tell them why not? The Reagan’s family does it and they have busy lives. They are a family of cops and they always get together at the dinner table every Sunday. The point is it’s just a TV show “Blue Bloods” starring Tom Selleck and Donny Walhberg.

My oldest son looks at me and asked who the family is? Are they from your work?

No, they are TV characters from one of my favorite shows.

Oh, Mom please it’s just a TV show and it’s not real, he replied.

Yes, you’re right and I like to dream. We get together on special occasions or the holidays, but I would like more.

One day I will have my family Sunday, all my children together every week. Just have family time. I don’t need the entire day, I just need an hour. I think that’s enough.

Oh, I think I’m feeling the empty nest.

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