Cookies already done!

Today I began to make cookies with my grandkids. In the process I got a messy kitchen, however we have lots of fun.  We made four different sorts of cookies, monster cookies, chocolate chip, sugar, and mint chocolate. My little helpers got tired also they ate too much.

Let’s see if I can prepare another batch of cookies tomorrow, since my husband wants oatmeal cookies. Meanwhile, I will be wrapping the presents and getting my husband’s gift.

After a long day, the grandkids went to bed early. I’m having a cup of coffee and finishing a Christmas movie so I can go to bed. Oh yeah, I need coffee to go to bed. It’s weird, but I’m use to this.

As we get closer to Christmas I found that I have more to do, although I can wait to be done. I just want to relax, of course until Christmas Eve when I will receive the company of my family.


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