My Christmas!

arroz con gandules


I have fun at the Christmas Eve “La Nochebuena” party that I host for my family. We all ate, drink, dance all night and sing our “aguinaldos” (caroling).

I did cook a puertorrican menu they consist in arroz con gandules (rice with green pigeon peas), pernil (baked leg pork), pasteles (mashed green bananas with pork, cover with the banana leaves), arroz con dulce (creamy rice with coconut milk), coquito for the adults (type of eggnog with coconut milk and Puerto Rican rum), and fruit punch for the kids.

The Secret Santa was revealed. My brother was my secret Santa and gave me a vibration foot massager. I love it.

All my kids spend the night with us so on Christmas Day they all wake up early. My grandkids faces were priceless when they saw all the presents under the tree. The little ones start to play with their toys, meanwhile the rest will watch a movie. It’s now a tradition in our home to watch a movie, meanwhile they’re waiting for the dinner to be done. My menu for the day was Ham, rice with green pigeon peas, pasteles, and flan. It was good.

Everyone has fun and we all enjoy the day. I was tired at the end of the day; however I’m grateful that I can spend all these days with my family. Santa brings me everything I ask for.

Now that Christmas is gone, I’m feeling a little blue. Usually it happens by this time of the year so I considered normal. My thinking is why it has to happen or what I’m doing wrong. My husband always tells me I’m trying too hard to please everyone and I should relax a little bit more. Maybe I can make this as my resolution for the next year. It will be nice just to enjoy and have no worries.

How was your Christmas?


arroz con dulce

pernil asado


6 thoughts on “My Christmas!

  1. OMG! I wish I could have come to your house for Christmas dinner. I love pasteles, pernil, rice with green pigeon peas & Puerto Rican rum-coquito and flan. I miss it all and wish I could take a jet to New York to have plate of this delicious food and come back. God bless you and your family. Merry Christmas & have a happy new year.


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