My New Resolution !

Tomorrow night we will be saying goodbye to 2014. Actually it has been a good year for me. I enjoy it every single minute with my family and friends. I accomplish and learn a lot at work. The entire year has been a blessing. Yes, I did have some difficult time where I have a few stressful days and I got it under control with meds’. Otherwise, 2014 has been good.

Looking back, I did finish a few projects. I work on my garden so this year I obtain a mixture of beautiful flowers. My summer vacation has been one of the best. I spend it at the lake. I conquest my fear of being in the water, I took a ride with my son on the Jet Ski, and I went fishing on my husband’s boat.

I complete my reading and writing challenges. My blog has grown from last year and I’m more confident when I write my posts.

Last year resolution was to add more gratitude into my life and I did. So I can say I will miss 2014.

For 2015 my New Year Resolution will be:

  1. Keep writing in my daily gratitude journal that I started last year.
  2. Keep thanking and counting my blessings.
  3. Take a little more time for myself. Do my nails or go to the movies.
  4. Take a vacation with my husband. Just us.
  5. Relax and enjoy every single minute with the grandkids. They are getting older and one day they will have other interests.
  6. Spoiled my cute dog- Taina- she gives me unconditional love.
  7. Read over 30 books and add to my challenge a difficult book. Maybe one that I read in high school and I didn’t understand like “War and Peace”.
  8. Write, write, and write. Write on my blog, finish writing my book, and keep working on my family tree.
  9. Keep taking online classes. They have improved the way I write, I feel more confident, and they’re free.
  10. Try to eat healthier and cut my sugars. Just a little bit to satisfy the doctor and myself.

So tomorrow I will say Goodbye to 2014 and Welcome 2015 to my life with a glass of wine and twelve grapes for my wishes. I’m ready!





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