What magazine?

My best friend and I went shopping in downtown; we didn’t have the mall yet.  We were 14 at the time of this incident.  We entered the town pharmacy that has a large magazine stand. I saw the new edition of a teen magazine that has the cover Donny Osmond and also a few of his posters. I fell in love with the magazine, but I didn’t have enough money. The magazine was 99 cents and I need an extra quarter to buy it. My friend took the magazine and put it in her backpack. I was panicking.  At the pharmacy there was this other kid who places a package of gum in his pocket without paying and he gets caught. He was crying and embarrassed. The manager calls his parents.

My friend and I were afraid. We didn’t want to get caught. She took the magazine out of her backpack and put it back on the stand.

The clerk looks at us suspicious and asks if we were buying the magazine. Our faces were pale and we did look suspicious. I look at him and said; “what magazine”?

We run out and we promise we will never act stupid again.

Daily Prompt- Breaking the Law


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