Cut Off- I’m a loner

I’m a loner. I remember growing up and feeling that I want to be in my room listening to music, writing, or reading. My mom will knock the door and tell me to go outside and play. When I’m in a place crowded  I feel that I can’t concentrate and I feel I’m constantly making a mess. Yes, that’s me at work.

I have a beautiful family that I extremely love and we like to spend time together. But I love my space, I love to be alone most of the time. On my lonely time I read, write, visit Facebook, write on my blog or just take a nap. I love to take a break from everyone so I can breed and organize myself.

My children are adults with their own kids except the youngest. Once he graduated from college, he will move back home for a while.  I love to help my children with babysitting.  I’m a grandma who loves to spoil and play games with them, however I love my space. So in response to the prompt I’m a loner and no matter that I love my family I love to be alone, too.


Daily Post: When was the last time you felt really, truly lonely?

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