Plead the Fifth

We moved to North Dakota in 1994 and every time I met a person they ask the same question why we decide to live in North Dakota, where the weather is too cold instead of Puerto Rico that it’s warm?

Every time I give the same answer. My husband was in the military and when he retired we decide this was a nice place to raise our children. Yes after 20 years they still can’t understand why we’re living in North Dakota.

Deciding to raise our kids in North Dakota it has been the smartest choice we have made. Also, our town has the lowest rate of crime and the lowest rate of unemployment. I have friends if they don’t like where they work or they be looking for more paid they select another job.

Second annoying question are you planning to go back home when you retired? Why? This is my home for the last 20 years and maybe when we retired in a few years, we will follow our friends who have moved to Arizona. Who knows at this moment is too soon for any decision.

Please don’t ask me again why I’m here? Yes, I have a peculiar accent; however, I don’t ask you personal questions? Or maybe I should? Thank you.







Written in response to the daily prompt: plead the fifth ‘what question do you hate to be asked? Why?’





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