We Can Be Taught!- I Get It Now!

What makes a teacher great?

When I was growing up I didn’t like the idea of going to school. Doing homework, a project, or studying for a test it wasn’t the issue. I was kind of lazy and I didn’t like to wake up early. I always thought that my teachers want to get me in trouble with my mom. They will tell her that I have to study harder or I was too distracted in class and as that statement I would be grounded. However, I did have fantastic teachers that I favorite.

Today I’m working at the elementary school not as a teacher, as a cook. I will see how the teachers work so hard and I admire their tenacity and I wish I had chosen to be a teacher.

The teachers in our school they’re caring, they’re patience, and sympathetic. They made the school be fun with different activities and projects. You had to see how many students love to read and write just because a teacher encourages them.

They’re constantly smiling and they love their jobs. They look at their students with nurturing eyes and they love to listen to their stories. They’re great.  My grandkids love each of their teachers.

I realized that my teachers also did an excellent job. I can remember now telling one of my stories just to get their attention and they will smile and encourage me to write it down. They were caring and they want the best for me. I get it now!




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