I change my title

I’ve changed my blog title from Life…Tears…Love…Purpose to “Margret’s life Journey” because the new title is more accurately reflects what I’m writing about. I want my blog to keep track of my journey to fulfill my dreams, to express my emotions, and to improve my writing skills.

You can still find here my writing challenges, the prompt, and the quotes for one liner Wednesday, and all my thoughts.  I will keep posting frequently and I’m planning to keep participating in further writing challenge from other bloggers.  They’re fun to do. Thank you for all your support.

This blog is my journey to be a better person, to finally finish what I started, and to do what I love to do. This journey of mine is though, however I feel that I can reach it.

People always said that change is good and that’s why I make the decision. The old title was a distraction to me and now that is fixed I can share better my writings.


2 thoughts on “I change my title

  1. Hello Margret! You blog looks very nice and I am always one for change, but I think a little too often as far as blogging goes. I too have changed up the look of mine. God is wanting more from me but also balance..Hmmm! Anyway enjoy the rest of your day…


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