Good Friday!

It’s chilly outside and it’s a day for relaxing and takes it easy. I have all my grandkids here and we’re watching the movie “The Song of Bernadette”. It’s a classic, a beautiful, and an inspiring movie. I get chills every time Bernadette talks to the lady and her face looks so peaceful. My granddaughter who is 10 is getting emotional.

It’s Good Friday and the movie is perfect for the occasion also we will watch later on another classic the “Ten Commandments”.

I want my grandkids to understand the meaning of this holy week. I want them to understand isn’t just an Easter vacation with bunnies and eggs but the love and the sacrifice of Jesus for all of us. I want them to know that Jesus resurrected and that’s why we celebrated Easter.

The peace that I feel when we’re watching those movies are priceless.

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy with your families.


6 thoughts on “Good Friday!

  1. I remember watching that movie with my Grandparents. My Mom’s name was Bernadette, after Saint Bernadette. 10 Commandments was always on TV, Easter night when I was a kid. Love that you watch these with your Grandkids. I watched Jesus of Nazareth on of my favorites this time of year. Happy Easter!


    1. I just finished watching with my granddaughter Jesus of Nazareth and she loved it. Tonight I’m watching The Passion Of Christ and that one is a strong movie for a 10 year old. Happy Easter!

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