My Lovely Pets

I always have pets and we treat them as part of the family.  I love to spoil them.  A few months ago, my husband told me that Taina will be the last dog we will have.  He will like to retire in a few years and do some traveling.  Having pets will be difficult and I admit that he’s right. It’s hard to find who can take care of them.

This is Taina (Indian name from Puerto Rico). She’s a mix Pomeranian and mini dachshund. She’s seven years old and it was a gift from my daughter. She arrived one afternoon with a 10 week old puppy; I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the time.  Since then, Taina has been my companion.

Until last month I thought she will by herself.  After my husband’s speech about traveling, I thought she would be the last pet we own.



Here is the new addition to the family. His name is Bruno an 8 month Rottweiler. He’s a big baby and he loves to be in our laps. Our niece can’t take care of him and offer Bruno to my husband. As soon my husband saw him, he fell in love that beautiful face.

Bruno and my husband


Are they cute?

Daily Post: Do you have animals in your life? If yes, what do they mean to you? If no, why have you opted not to?




6 thoughts on “My Lovely Pets

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  2. Margret, I can understand your husband’s point, but you know there is always the option to foster dogs as well! for some, the ability to have a more flexible schedule fits really well with fostering and so many dogs would benefit from your kind heart & home until their forever family can be found! I’m glad Bruno found a soft place to land!


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