Those Dishes Won’t Do Themselves

I can’t afford a maid so I have to do my own chores by the way I hated them. I work full time and when I come home, I will like to relax.  My children are adults and gone.  My youngest son is coming home in a few days. He’s graduating from college and he will be looking for an apartment as soon he began his new job. The advantage of having my son home is he like to help with the chores.

I always taught that after my children were gone; my house will stay clean longer than usual. It didn’t happen. I have three grandchildren who will mess my living room with toys, shoes, and crayons.  My kitchen table will have food crumbs and the sink full of dishes.

I don’t clean my home daily; however I try to keep it looking decent and organized.

This is my cleaning list. Only one is my favorite, cooking.

  1. Clean the bathroom
  2. Sweep & Mop
  3. Vacuum
  4. Clean every bedroom( I have three)
  5. Clean the living room
  6. Dust the furniture
  7. Do the groceries
  8. Cooking
  9. Do the dishes ( I don’t have a dishwasher)
  10. Laundry
  11. Fold the clothes
  12. Put away the clothes in every room that belongs to
  13. Feed the dogs
  14. Water the plants
  15. Clean the camper every two weeks during the summer

I’m glad that I don’t iron anymore can you imagine another chore that I hate.

Let me show you my husband chores and compare with mines and how easy he has it.

  1. Put gas in the car
  2. Fix any mechanical problem
  3. Pay the bills
  4. Mow the lawn

I need a nap.

washingDaily Post:

What’s the household task you most dislike doing? Why do you think that is — is it the task itself, or something more?


7 thoughts on “Those Dishes Won’t Do Themselves

  1. Oh my God! Your list shows how brave you are. I would have made the list and just crumpled it up. Good luck to you. By the way, the chore I Hate is dusting around the house. It never gets done!


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