In the 70’s my mom use to sell Avon. Yes, she was one of thousands of Avon lady who would sell from door to door. My mom will supply us with all kinds of product, especially perfumes.  My favorite was “Sweet Honesty” and “Topaze” also the design of the bottles was beautiful.
After all these years I still buy Avon and not too long ago a friend of mine surprise me with a “Candid” perfume the same fragrance that my mother use to wear and love so much. That was the only perfume she can wear without having any allergic reaction.
I sprayed it in my neck and the smell of the perfume start to bring all the memories of my mother. The perfume reminds me sitting next to her at church, sitting at the dinner table, or just simply taking a nap next to her.
I can’t believe how powerful a simple scent can do. I wonder if my kids will remember me for my perfume.


Daily Post: Humans have very strong scent memory. Tell us about a smell that transports you.



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