Hear No Evil

I moved to Texas in 1986. My husband was stationed there and I didn’t know anyone. The first week I arrived, we went to church. My husband was part of the choir, playing the guitar. Before the Sunday mass began one of my kids wanted to go to the bathroom. We walked in and shut the door.  A few minutes later, two ladies enter the bathroom and they were talking. They had not realized that I was there. One of them tells the other if she has seen the new member of the church DJ wife and kids. She started to say that I looked too old for my age and they didn’t like my clothes. That my kids look like they were naughty and disrespectful at the time my older boy was 5 and my girl 3. Those ladies who didn’t know me and my family made us feel badly.

I told my kids not to worry; we will leave everything in God’s hands.  I gave my children a smile and I told myself let’s kill these two with generosity and teach them wrong.

We sat in the front row and at the end of the service we were introduced to the community. The two ladies who were part of the greeting committee gives candy to my kids and welcomed us to the church. I gave them a warm smile and invite them to my house for a coffee. Of course, they accepted my invitation.

Did I mention I became the new president of the committee? I made sure that nobody would mistreat another family as they did to me. As I said before I leave everything in God’s hands.



Today’s Daily Prompt: Tell us about a conversation you couldn’t help but overhear and wish you hadn’t.



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