Where are the Children?

The school ended on the 3rd of June and I’ve been wondering where the children from my neighborhood are. What are they doing?  I saw many excited faces before the school ends and they all want to play outside and have fun.

In our elementary school, we have approx. 600 or more I’m not counting, we have 18 more elementary, two middle schools, and two high schools in our town.

Where are the children? I don’t see any child playing outside. Summer has started and the streets are quiet. At this moment the only ones outside are my three grandkids and a girl who lives a few houses near me.

Every evening I go for a walk and I only see empty courtyards, one another bicycle, a ball, or a wagon other than children playing outside.

I understand parents are working and children are being cared for a babysitter; however I also realize that children are glued to their computer games or in their cell phone.

I remember when my children were waiting for the summer to stay all day outside playing. They went to the park and didn’t come to the house until they were hungry. They arrived with their clothes dirty and sweaty. Now these days only a few children like to be outside. I realize the many dangers out in the streets and why the parents prefer them in for safety, however the technology has captured the attention of the children.

Our children need fresh air to stay healthy. They need exercise, biking, jump rope, and hide and seek. Where are the children? I want to hear laughter, fights, and talking loudly. Here in North Dakota summers are short.

The next time I hear the commotion of all the children it will be in the fall when school starts unless the children begin to enjoy the outsides.

Jon having fun
My son decided to join the kids

4 thoughts on “Where are the Children?

  1. I know what you mean. It’s almost spooky, it’s so quiet out there. Not like the summers I remember, when we could barely stop long enough for breakfast before we headed for the great outdoors 🙂


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