Clean Slate

The room I’m currently sitting in is my living room. It’s decorated with family photos, small mirrors on my white walls, two vases with flowers in each corner of the mantle, and my unicorn collection. I need new curtains and pillows. My TV is on top of the mantel and I’m watching the reruns of Supernatural.

In the middle of the room is my coffee table where I keep my laptop, a notebook, pens, and my journal.  Next to my couch, I have a table stand with books that I would be reading soon. In the corner of the front door, a box full of toys where my grandkids love to create a mess. Then in the corner of the front door, I’ve a large cage that belongs to Bruno our Rottweiler. My grandson loves to play inside the cage with the dog.  My husband’s bar is close to the cage and it’s starting to have dust again. I swear I always dusting and it looks it would never end.

My living room doesn’t look like a page out of a magazine, however is comfortable. It needs a little of remodeling some fresh paint, new pillows, curtains, and rearrange the couch.



In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: Clean Slate

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