A letter to my mom

Dear Mami:

I want you to know how much I love you. You’ve been gone for 27 years and I miss you, too. There isn’t a day that I think of you. I’m so proud of having you as my mother. All the sacrifices you’ve made for all of us. You took the time to listen when I need you the most. It didn’t matter if you were too sick, you always have the time for your advice and to let me know that I can trust you.

I missed your voice, your touch, your tears, and your smile. I miss all the conversations we have before going to bed, your Goodnight kiss, and your blessings.

I want to thank to you for making me the woman I am today. From you I learn to love music, to be kind, sincere, honest, and to love God. I learn to cook, to love coffee, and watch soap operas.

I want to let you know you have 13 grandkids and 11 great grandkids. They love when I talk about you. They like to know about your stories. I can tell you will be a proud mother and a grandma. They’re caring and respectful.

I’ve been missing you since you passed away. I don’t get tired of crying every time I need to. The holidays are the worst ones. I wish you were here. I know you are watching all of us from heaven. One day we will be together again.



Your daughter- Margret




In response of the daily post: Write a letter to your mom. Tell her something you’ve always wanted to say, but haven’t been able to. 


4 thoughts on “A letter to my mom

  1. Margret – I am sure your mom would’ve enjoyed reading the letter – our moms are special people – strong women who shaped us into the beings we are today. Have a great week.


    1. I am glad you’re back. I was missing your posts. I’m grateful for my having a wonderful mom. It’s sad that she died too young at the age of 48 and she didn’t have a chance to enjoy her grandkids.


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