I’m not sure exactly when I begin to think about death or immortality. I do remember when I was eight the death of a neighbor. She commits suicide and the neighbors talking about her and feeling sorry for her children. I was afraid and my mom will explain how sometimes people do stupid things without thinking. Two years later they were a horrible crime in my own neighborhood. A six year old boy was kidnapped and for day’s people was searching for him. A few weeks later they found him tied to a tree and he was dead. His own neighbor kills him since he wants to steal his bike and the little boy didn’t let him.

Since I was young I learn that everyone died and no one is immortal. Also at a young age, I begin to be terrified about losing a love one.


Finite Creatures

Daily Post: At what age did you realize you were not immortal? How did you react to that discovery?


7 thoughts on “Immortality

    1. Thank you and I wish I was more stronger, however sometimes those memories make me feel afraid of losing my family. I will check your, too. I love to read other peoples experiences.


  1. Those experiences are some that I’m sure you won’t forget! I can’t imagine what must have raced through your mind, especially as a child. Thank you for sharing these terrible stories that helped you realize that nobody is immortal.


  2. Those experiences are so incredibly frightening for children because children instinctively know that they need adults to protect them and keep them safe. When that fails, the child is suddenly on shaky ground. Thank you for sharing this and know that your reactions are completely understandable. Death makes most of us anxious, yet our mortality also reminds us of what is important in the time we have. ❤


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