Shoulda Woulda Coulda

I should take care of my health in a better way. I’ve Type 2 Diabetes and I take medicine. I’m not on insulin yet, however I’ve to be careful. I went to pay a visit to my Dr on Friday and my labs shows a high sugar level of 232. Yikes!

She gives me three months to make a drastic change or she’s going to prescribe insulin. I don’t like needles.

I’ve to begin immediately a healthy diet, no sugars, take my medicines regularly and exercise.

I don’t want to make any excuses, except it’s going to be hard and difficult to follow a healthy diet. My kitchen it’s filled with cookies, lollipops, Twinkies, donuts, and ice cream. As a grandma, my house has to be filled with goodies for the kids. I’ve a bunch of temptation, however I need to try it and do my best.

This is my goal:

  1. Eat better- no diets- simply eat healthy
  2. Walk for 20-30 minutes – daily
  3. Bike- twice a week
  4. No candies, no cookies, and no ice cream.

I’ve my check out with my doctor in three months and I’m hoping my sugar levels goes down.




Daily Post: Tell us about something you know you should do . . . but don’t.


2 thoughts on “Shoulda Woulda Coulda

  1. I love your posts as I find them happy & uplifting … but this one made me sad on a number of levels “My kitchen it’s filled with cookies, lollipops, Twinkies, donuts, and ice cream. As a grandma, my house has to be filled with goodies for the kids.”
    Oh my goodness, it truly does not. Many of my BEST memories of childhood are of the times with my Grandmother … and sugary junk food would not have made that list at all. She was the one who told the BEST stories about growing up 50+ years ago, the one that taught us to make popcorn on the stove top with a ‘stir’ pot, who took the time to show us how to quilt (we made quilts for our dolls and then we made baby quilts for the church), she had the most wonderful vegetable gardens (my parents never gardened) and we learned how to plant seeds, weed & harvest as well as freeze, blanch & can and make jams from her – she didn’t drive, so we walked everywhere – to church, to the store, she didn’t have a dryer and I remember hanging laundry on the line & playing hide & seek between the drying sheets – she loved unconditionally and taught us so many life lessons. The only ‘treat’ in her house was Bubble Up soda (she thought Coke had cocaine in it!) and that was shared among us and not frequent. Be the grandma known for sharing her life & skills & patience & stories – not the one who is a sugar pusher.


    1. My memories of my grandma was kind the same as yours I learn to love gardening, the stories were awesome. Now this days my three grandkids loves the stories and love to play with us, however they love their goodies. Yesterday one of the girls ask where I’m hiding the cookies. I’m not going to have any sugary treats I told her and explain my health issue, she make a face, and for my surprise she gave me a kiss. She understood that I need to take care of myself. Well, that’s a lesson that I learn from her she wants to have a grandma for a long time and she will not ask for goodies anymore. I love her.

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