You’re a Winner!

They announced I’ve won the $1 billion dollars in the local lottery and is tax free. Yeah! I’ve been waiting for this announcement forever. I always said if I won the lottery I immediately know what to do.

First I will make sure no one knows that I’m a winner. No pictures or names will go on the news. I don’t want to start receiving any phone calls from people who didn’t care about me or my family.

Second I’ll contact a lawyer and an accountant to help with the investments. I want to keep the money growing for my family future.

I’ll pay off of my debts, especially my medical bills are outrageous and my husband’s student loan.

I’ll pay off to my three grown children’s all their debts, I’ll get each of them a house, and money for their retirement. On their birthdays I’ll sent them on a trip of their choice.

I’ll make savings accounts for my grandchildren and an account for college.

I’ll buy a new home, a truck for my husband, a camper. We will travel twice a year to Europe, The Caribbean, and Puerto Rico.

I’ll help my closes family and a few friends with their needs.

I’ll donate to charity and been a volunteer.

This is for sure I will retire and so my husband. It will be time to enjoy life and the family and take care of ourselves. I know the money won’t change me or my husband I want a comfortable life for us.







Daily Post: You’ve just won $1 billion dollars in the local lottery. You do not have to pay tax on your winnings. How will you spend the money?

One thought on “You’re a Winner!

  1. Mar-The-Great,
    Congratulation for winning the lottery,
    Please do not forget that I am not only your friend but fan cum follower, so, when, you are sending me my portion????????????????


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