One- Liner Wednesday- Thanks to Me!

“Do something Today that your future self will Thank You for”.


This post is part of One-Liner Wednesday hosted by Linda G. Hill. Come and join the fun!



10 thoughts on “One- Liner Wednesday- Thanks to Me!

      • What comes to mind is the packaged food called healthy choice. Each day I am confronted with making healthy choices for my body which needs an overhaul. When I control what I eat I feel good and when I cave in to what I know will keep me from being successful bums me out. I lack in commitment and discipline. When we feed our bodies, mind, spirit and soul with good nourishment, what we read, what we mediate on, what we listen to etc, we are making healthy choices. I tend to make things harder than they are. When I share it is because I have been there or are going through something. God cheers us on but we have to take the steps.. (talking to myself). Here’s to us making healthy choices today! (: Healthy choices will lead to being at peace….


      • I am the same I lack in discipline too. After eat like crazy then I feel awful. I need to make healthy choices and be committed it and have the faith that I will success.

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