Golden Age

When I begin to read this prompt I thought it would be a piece of cake. Well I was wrong because it was hard to decide.

My childhood wasn’t as fun as others. In school, I was bullied by other kids and I was afraid of everything. I’m not kidding.

Then as a teenager my life begins to change a little bit. I have dreams I want to accomplish, meet new friends, and be more confident in myself. Of course this last one I’m still working on it.

As an adult I’ve conquer over the years, “some of my fears”. I’m happy to have a wonderful family and I feel I’m getting smarter over the years or maybe is wisdom that comes with old age.

So back to the question I’ll choose to be an adult with the body of a teenager and the heart of a child.



If you had to live forever as either a child, an adolescent, or an adult, which would you choose — and why?

6 thoughts on “Golden Age

  1. Margret, I think of this sometimes also, I like where I am now. My childhood was hard, lost my dad in a car accident , then the twenties , had my children love them to pieces but I love now. They are grown, and my husband and I are starting to do thing we want. I would never want to live through the time when my daughter was sick. Life is great now.


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