Pope Francis

In October of 1984 John Paul II visit Puerto Rico and the youth group from my church were planning the trip. My hometown was at two hours from the Plaza, where he would be celebrating mass. I sign up and I was ready and excited. I didn’t count on one little thing I was pregnant with my first baby and he decides to arrive on that same day. I was blessed with a healthy baby boy. The closes I got to be from the Pope was watching the mass at the hospital.

The youth group from my church got a close spot from the Pope. The group was blessed, they shook hands, and they took lots of pictures. My younger sister bought a picture of the Pope from one of the stands and the Pope signs it for me, my husband, and for my baby. That picture is one of my precious gifts I keep in my entrance.

When I heard Pope Francis was coming to the US I was excited and I want to go to New York. This was going to be an amazing opportunity to see the Pope.

I look for the cost of the trip to New York and the airlines double up the prices also they were sold out. My chance to be seeing the Pope Francis was vanishing. I try to look for the Washington DC and Philadelphia and it got worst. After all the attempts I decide to watch him on TV like millions of Catholics who didn’t have the opportunity to travel.

I admire Pope Francis and I do pray for him daily. He makes me feel proud of being a Catholic. The way he cares for the people just watching him smile it comforts my soul. For Pope Francis we all a creation of GOD and there no race, color or gender we all the same in the eyes of GOD. He makes the church go back to their roots and treat everyone as equal.  Pope Francis is an example of how we as human need to treat and act.

I’m planning a trip to Rome in a few years and maybe there I can catch a glimpse of Pope Francis.






8 responses to “Pope Francis

  1. That’s amazing how you got a signed picture from the past Pope! I am not Catholic but I love Pope Francis. He is very simple and isn’t for all the rich and spoiled life. He loves all people and is so inspirational!


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