The Guitar

When I was a teenager, I took a few guitar lessons. I have to say I did learn a few notes and then my nails were a problem. I love long nails and I didn’t want to cut them. I made a choice to keep my nails and my guitar lessons vanish into the air. The vanity of having cute and colorful fingernails won the battle.
My husband who plays the guitar beautifully tried to teach me. I learn two songs and again, my nails won.
Now at 55 when I heard my husband playing the guitar I wish I’ve continue my lesson. I forgot the two songs I’ve learned and my fingers hurt a lot; so bye to that dream.



Daily Post: Is there something you’ve always wanted to learn but haven’t gotten around to? What is it and what’s stopping you from mastering the skill?

Thanks for the prompt suggestion, BasicallyBeyondBasic!




8 thoughts on “The Guitar

  1. I have always wanted to play the guitar but I am afraid I don’t have the patience or the ability. I injured what would be my strumming arm a long time ago and I just can’t quite get the strumming to work out for me. I think that sometimes it is a good thing to let go of some dreams as we realize that we are not willing to give up or pay the price to make that dream come true. It is important that we do realize that there is a price to be paid for every dream. Perhaps there is a more important dream that you would have to give up to have this or that dream come true. For instance many people have given up a chance to have a family for the dream of having a successful business or becoming rich as time often just doesn’t allow for the both to be realized within a lifetime.
    Tony R


    1. Tony, I agree. I’ve let some of my dreams go away, because my family has been important to me. However sometimes I feel a little empty and I wondering if letting go so many dreams its the cause of that emptiness.

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      1. Letting go of dreams for family can leave you a little empty sometimes but I think that most of the time that feeling isn’t about the dreams that you are letting go of but the identity that you attach to those dreams. Many women seem to so identify themselves as mother, wife, spouse that they forget who is Margret. Maybe you should take a little time to yourself sometimes just to remember yourself as a teen or even a little girl that started all of this dreaming. Let me know how it goes. Might even make for good posting material.


      2. You are right sometimes I go back in time in memories and think a What If…. they are days I feel that emptiness, I should finish what I started a long time ago. I supposed is not too late. Thank you, your comment have me thinking all over again.

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