I am Lucky! Yes, I am!

I wake up this morning at 10am after a long day yesterday also with no intention of going shopping on Black Friday. The first person I encounter at my home it was my two granddaughters Jo & Audri who were coming out of the bathroom. They both smile with a Good Morning, grandma. We have breakfast and by noon we went to the Charles Dickens Festival 45 min from our home. We spend a few hours in Garrison walking the streets all decorated. My granddaughters immediately comment we look like we were in the movie Christmas Carol. We saw Scrooge walking the streets. Everyone dressed up in costumes, kiosk selling Gluwein, and activities for all ages.

By 5pm we came back home and went to our town Christmas tree lighting. All the businesses were open with lots of discounts. The stores and streets all decorated and you can hear the Christmas music. We visit the toy shop and the girls have a visit with Santa and Mrs. Claus. My granddaughters have fun and we ended with a cup of hot cocoa with extra marshmallows. Yum!

I am blessed for my grandkids and hubby who made my day! I am the luckiest person. Yes, I am!


Charles Dickens festival


Who was the first person you encountered today? Write about him or her.




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