Ripped Into the Headline


Let me check what’s in the news.   I don’t  read the paper and  I don’t sit and watch the news, however I just like to know  what’s going on with the weather. Then again,  let  me check  what’s happening in North Dakota.


“The North Dakota Department of Transportation and the North Dakota Highway Patrol have issued a Travel Alert for eastern North Dakota due to snow and blowing snow creating reduced visibility. Areas included in the Travel Alert are the cities of Fargo, Grand Forks, Devils Lake, Valley City, Jamestown and surrounding areas.”

So right now is cold, snowing and windy also it will get colder by the end of the weekend. My plans would be cuddling on my couch with a cup of coffee, read some of my favorite blogs, start reading a new book, and relax. For now I’m heading to bed, I still have one more day of work.

Minot, ND
Thursday 9:00 PM

°F°F | °C°C
Precipitation: 15%
Humidity: 68%
Wind: 5 mph8 km/h
 Write about something that happened over the weekend as though it’s the top story on your local paper.



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