Kick It!

I use to have a wish list when I was young always adding more wishes or dreams. Some of them I did accomplish as part of growing up. I’m talking about college, marriage, a family, and a home. However now days I keep my bucket list, wish list, or my goals in a notebook that I keep on my night desk. What I have written on my list is not a difficult task to accomplish. Let me show some of them:

Eat healthy and lose weight (I’m following a 1,200 calories diet. Doctor’s order)

Exercise daily (right now I’m doing two times a week)

Vacation to Hawaii, Vegas, and Rome (three places I would like to visit and add to the other places I already visit)

A cruise as my second honeymoon (maybe Mexico or The Bahamas)

Learn to swim (I want to this for a long time)

Write (that’s why I have this blog)

Retired and move south (a few more years and maybe Arizona or Colorado would be a wonderful place to live.)

I can accomplish my goals depending on how determine I decide to be and add a few more wishes when the list started to get shorter.


bucket list


What’s the 11th item on your bucket list?


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