I’m Sorry!

When was the last time you’re walked away from a discussion, only to think of The Perfect Comeback hours later? Recreate the scene for us, and use your winning line.

I don’t like confrontation at all so when the discussion started to get heated up I walk away. The last time I have a discussion; it was a long time ago.  I can’t even remember what the fuss was about, however if I need to say anything at all it would be at that moment not later.  If I’ve to go back it has to be asking for an apology or giving one. So I guess a “I’m sorry” would be the winning line.

-I-m-Sorry-I-Slapped-You-Buti sorryyy



Daily Post: Drawing a Blank

5 thoughts on “I’m Sorry!

  1. Like you I’m extremely non-confrontational. As a pacifist it is important to me to maintain my quietude and ability to walk away. But I do council my youngest daughter who is very similar in nature and ideology to me that the danger is that if you are too passive when the break comes it can be mighty …. That first quote could be us!!


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