This morning while we were serving breakfast, one of our teachers got hit by another driver just across the street. The speed limit during the school hours is 20mph and this person was speeding and he didn’t make the stop sign.  The teacher had only a few scratches and a sore arm.

The driver told the police that his car had slipped because it was raining. If this had happened during the winter time it would be more credible not when the temperature was 41 degrees.  This incident could have been avoided if the driver had not been speeding in a school zone.


Daily Post:  Street

6 thoughts on “Street

  1. I am glad it was not more serious. People just don’t respect the posted speed limits, and in a school zone that is the worst place to speed. I hope the fine is high in your area.


  2. Glad the outcome was much less tragic than it could have been. I wonder what people are thinking when they ignore speed limit signs, especially around schools and neighborhoods!


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