I grew up in Puerto Rico and living in a Spanish household the superstitions are everywhere.  It’s part of my culture and no matter how silly some of them sound still part of me. Every time I go back home to visit, memories of my childhood returns, including listening again to the stories and superstitions.

Here are a few I still remember and they still believe:

Cracked the egg into a glass of water and make sure the egg yolk settle in the water without breaking it. Leave it under your bed and checked in the morning. The egg yolk would have a shape and would determine your future much like tea leaf reading.

Cracked an egg with 2 yolks in it and someone close to you is having a baby.

Don’t open an umbrella indoors, it causes bad luck.

If you sweep a woman’s feet, she’ll never get married

An upside down broom behind the door will get rid of unwanted visitors.

If the baby had a hiccup pull a string off your shirt with saliva then place on baby forehead and the hiccup would go away.

Before you throw away bread you need to give it a kiss and say; “forgive me God” (perdon papa Dios) or God would punish you with hunger.

Don’t leave your hair in a brush lying anywhere, because the witch (a bruja) will come do Santeria with it.

Never sleep with your feet facing the door or the devil to come and snatch your soul.

Walking over someone laying down on the floor would take a year off of their life.

Don’t kill a moth inside your house or you will get bad luck.

If a rooster crows 3 times during the day, or see a black butterfly or moth there will be a death.

You never put your purse on the floor because if you do, you will never have money.

If there is a baby lizard in your house that means someone in the family is pregnant.


My hometown Mayaguez Puerto Rico!

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