I’m 55 and life isn’t perfect and yes I’ve a few bad experiences or regrets in life. However instead of calling it disappointments I like to call them bad experiences or regrets. I’ll like to fix them if I’ll have a little more courage.

A few of those regrets are not finishing my last semester of college. It was 1982 and I’ve made the wrong decision to drop my last semester. If I’ve listen to my mom, I would have a degree instead I listen to the wrong person. Who knows where I would be right now.

Another regret I’ve been writing stories since I was 15 when I started to love reading romance novels. I’ve written from short stories, poems, and mystery; however it all ends in a folder. I’m afraid they’re not good enough and for that reason they’re hiding meanwhile I keep writing and filling up the folder.  

If I’m going to call disappointment like today’s prompt, then I will be disappointed in myself for not having the courage to finish college or to let others to read my stories.

Martin Luther King Jr.



Daily Post: Disappointment

16 thoughts on “Disappointment

  1. houseofrogue

    Lovely post, I truly enjoyed reading 🙂 I’ve just finished a piece on handling disappointment and I hope it’s as inspiring as yours! Keep it up.


  2. Scott

    If getting things off your chest is ultimate goal than a folder is okay for your stories. However, understand that most readers are forgiving people. you must regard someone’s remarks as constructive criticism. And you need not take it to heart. Writing since you were 15 enables you to recall the small presses, the little back room presses. These still exist, but most are in electronic form. Many of these editors, clerks – call they what you wish – would love the opportunity not consider your stories.


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  4. Same here, I didn’t finish college but I did get to work in the field that of my studies so it worked out. I always say I will go back to finish and maybe one day I will but I don’t worry about it. Also I would love to read one of your stories even half of it to share first then the other half later. But it’s still up to you. Who knows maybe one of your children will do it for you one day. So thanks for sharing and have a good day. 🙂


    1. I don’t think I would finish college because I like what I’m doing right now. It’s only the thinking of what if…a different job or if I would be happy or living in a different place? who knows….and for my stories thank you like you say maybe my children would take care of that…who knows. Maybe with a little courage you can be the first one to read one of them.

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  5. Regrets you can sometime fix. You can still share your stories and really, you could finish school and obtain your degree. So, all it takes is a decision or you decide it is no longer a desire. I stopped short of getting my degree also, but I’m retired now, and really it is no longer my desire. I wouldn’t mind going back but I don’t have a strong desire, nor purpose.

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  6. Here’s another quote for you by Ralph Waldo Emerson, “What we fear doing most is usually what we most need to do” hmmm, take that step!! What if you were to go to night school and finish your last semester, assuming you work full time. Even if it’s just one course a semester, the time is going to go by anyways and even if you don’t do anything with the degree you will no longer have that regret. How wonderful would that be?!
    As for your stories, sharing the first one is the hardest, once you do that you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. Plus it will be exhilarating and freeing for you…face your fears head on, then you will no longer fear them! Wishing you a fearless day!!! 🙂

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      1. You have the courage, you just don’t realize it yet, but you will! Ask yourself to show it to you! Take one step forward…wishing you a courageous day!! 🙂


      2. Please do, you’ll be so proud of yourself…just something teeny tiny, whatever you’re most comfortable with…but something! I’m with you!! 🙂


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