After an amazing week visiting my daughter in Mesa, Arizona I’m back home. I fell in love with the place and the warm weather was a plus. On Saturday, we visited the Phoenix Zoo and expend the afternoon walking and enjoying the view. From the zoo you can see the mountains and the beauty of nature.  It was the perfect view.

Since 94’ North Dakota has been my home and I love it, however the cold weather has been tough on us. For the last couple of years my hubby and I have been planning, retirement and where we should go. We are debating into a few places Colorado and Arizona is one of them.

Two years ago my daughter decided to move to Ft. Pierce Florida. I went to visit and I wasn’t to impress. It was close from the beach; however the weather was too humid. My daughter insisted that I should move closer to her and with a smile I bless my daughter and my two granddaughters and I went back home. Personally I didn’t like it and for my daughter, she moves back to North Dakota three months later.

In January, she receives the opportunity to finish her college studies in Arizona and lucky enough she got a transfer from her job. She leaves her two girls with us until she gets a house also giving them a chance to finish the school year. She invites us for a spring break and guesses what I love it. The place is beautiful and the weather isn’t humid.

I imagine myself walking downtown with my hubby and enjoying the weather. After a week in Mesa and visiting their surroundings, I’m positive we’re going to retire and move to Arizona. I find it at one of the most beautiful place on Earth.

Phoenix Zoo


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