The other day they were talking at school about the different cultures and a kid in my granddaughter classroom asks her if she was black.  My granddaughter response; “I’m black, white, and Latina so I’m a mix also I speak Spanish and English”.   

The kid responds, “That’s so cool you can speak Spanish and English”.

When she told me, I ask her how she feels.  She just smiles and says, “Grandma you worry too much” and she went to her room. I always had been worried about it. I don’t want her or my other grandkids get hurt or be judged because the color of their skin.

However, this time the boy was more interesting on her speaking two languages.  What a lesson.


papi and greatgrandkids (2012)
My dad and great grandkids…my older granddaughter in pink, my grandson in white, and the younger in purple and my two nephews!


Daily Post: Diverse


One thought on “Diverse

  1. Beautiful children. You can be very proud that your granddaughter spoke up so matter-of-factly. Opennes often heads off ugliness and namecalling. But so many of our children these days are in classrooms filled with kids from many different cultures that they are used to diversity, and it is no big deal for them. That’s a good thing.


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