I grew up in Puerto Rico, where the weather is hot, muggy, and rains almost every day. I miss the beautiful flowers, beaches, and using shorts. That’s one of the reasons I would like to move south. For me the south is any place below North Dakota, where we don’t have the cold, freezing rain, and snow.

We don’t know exactly where we’re going, however Arizona, Colorado, or Texas sounds pretty good.  We have a few years to decide and whatever decision we make, it will be better than the cold long winter. North Dakota will always be my home the place where I raise my children and saw the births of my grandkids, but it’s time to run from this weather and pack our bags.



Daily Post: South

2 thoughts on “South!

  1. Roger

    Hi Marget and Happy New Year from Ireland! I found you as I was searching “South!”. I am researching for my Southern-inspired food business called “South!”. I am an American who is tired of people believing that ALL American food is McDonald’s and Pizza Hut! I lived in South Florida before moving to Ireland with my Isish wife in 2000. Perhaps you could share a healthy Puerto Rican recipe? Drop me a note and I can explain my vision!


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