Everyone struggles with something in their lives it’s a process of growing and getting stronger. My struggles over the years are mostly health issues as an example my diabetes.  I’ve type 2 diabetes taking MEDs everyday and trying to eat as healthy as I can also I supposed to exercise daily that I truly dislike. I try to control the sweets by drinking healthy smoothies that I find in Pinterest. I begin feeling great, however the craving for sweets doesn’t stop there.


Another struggle that I’m sure many people go through it will be weight loss. I cook at home every day and I use portion control. I try to avoid going out for fast food, except when I try to please my grandkids. How much I’ve lost? Since changing the way I cook or eat, I’ve lost 15 pounds. To keep it off has been a challenge and I’m working on it.


Yes, I struggle with many things, but struggling is a process of growing and learning. It gives me the strength to create a better life for myself.



Daily Post: Struggle


13 thoughts on “Struggle

  1. perrettharry

    i know how your feeling, I am also a Dietetic and struggle each day , hate walking and just crave for chocolates , but as you stay struggling is a process of growing and learning, and gives us a better life for our selfs, I love you blog would love to keep in touch and share our sugars striving lol God bless JOANNE X


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