I love cooking for my family; especially for the holidays and my favorite part is setting up the dinner table all beautifully decorated it. However, it doesn’t need to be a holiday to cook for them.

Like today on a Tuesday my kids came after work just to check on us-that’s their excuse- I know better they’re just looking what I make for dinner. Oh, I love them.

My husband turns on the grill make BBQ Ribs and a few hot dogs for the grandkids. I went to the kitchen and add a few things so we have enough for everyone and voila we have a feast. Yes, it’s a feast. I make a little extra potato salad, yellow rice, and corn. We can’t have a complete family dinner without my fruit punch all because I like to add sherbet.

Today has been a hot day with temps rising to 102 so we all ate outside under our beautiful tree. I’m pleased to have the kids all together, getting in touch, talking about their days, and relaxing under the shade no matter if it’s only for an hour. That’s what I call a feast.




Daily Post: Feast


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